Bellbird / Korimako & Silvereye / Tauhou

Submitted by Kids Restore on Tue, 11/08/2016 - 14:26

Over the next weeks we are revisiting the ten most commonly seen and heard forest birds: bellbird, silvereye, grey warbler, tomtit, chaffinch, fantail, blackbird, tui, rifleman and New Zealand wood pigeon.

You can find them all here:

This week's birds are the bellbird and the silvereye.

Bellbirds are nectar feeders. The English name comes from their bell-like song. Korimako is just one of their Maōri names and they are often mentioned in Maōri proverbs (from 'In the Bush', N. Barraud and G. Candler, 2015).

Silvereyes are also called waxeyes or white-eyes. They are often seen in flocks and they eat fruit and insects. Their Maōri name means 'stranger' as they arrived in New Zealand nearly 200 years ago, having flown 2,000 km from Australia (from 'In the Bush', N. Barraud and G. Candler, 2015).


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